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  • 20 years dance experience

  • Bachelor of Dance Education (current)

  • Diploma of Business Administration

  • PBT, PCT and Acrobatic Arts Certified

  • Block Master Pionte Shoe Fitter

  • First Aid & CPR Qualified 

  • Verified Working With Children Check

Notable Training Institutions

  • Danceworks International Ballet Academy, 2017 - 2019 (Full time)

  • London Russian Ballet School, 2017-2019 (Full time)

  • London Performance Academy, 2018 - 2019

  • Royal Academy of Dance, London, 2017 - 2019 (Full time)

  • Quantum Leap Youth Dance Academy2014 - 2017

Notable Performances

  • The Nutcracker, Danceworks International Ballet Company - 2018

  • Cinderella, London Performance Academy - 2018

  • Reckless Valour, Quantum Leap Youth Dance Company - 2015

  • Hot to Trot, (Choreographer), Quantum Leap Youth Dance Company - 2015

  • Boundless, Quantum Leap Youth Dance Company - 2014


Meet Ayla:

Ayla has joined the GLM Team in 2022, teaching Ballet to junior and advanced classes. Ayla brings extensive passion and experience to her teaching at GLM, with over 20 years of dance experience including fulltime training at London’s Royal Academy of Dance and Danceworks International Ballet Academy with an impressive resume of notable performances. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Dance Education, is PBT, PCT and Acrobatic Arts certified and a Bloch Master Pointe Shoe Fitter.


Ayla’s love of dancing blossomed at just 3 years old, experiencing all styles until at 12 years old a distinct passion for ballet and contemporary focused her attention, leading her to study the RAD, BBO and Cecchetti ballet Syllabi and the Contemporary Dance Association syllabus. During this time the young dancer trained with Quantum Leap Youth Dance Company in contemporary for 4 years, completing two performance seasons in 2014/2015. At 18 years old Alya’s love of dance took her all the way to London, where she her acceptance into Danceworks International Ballet Academy and Royal Academy of Dance afforded her fulltime state of the art ballet training. She would also train privately with The Bolshoi Ballet through The London Russian Ballet School and completed a performance season with London Performance Company as Cinderella. Unfortunately, an injury in 2019 forced retirement upon Alyla, who now enjoys expressing her love of dance through teaching.


Ayla’s experience as a dance teacher expands over 10 years, with ballet, contemporary and technique to all ages from beginners up, including RAD exam classes in London and graded ballet in Australia.


Outside of dance teaching, Ayla is completing her Bachelor of Dance Education, works at a Sydney-based dancewear store, and loves being a fulltime mum!


It is the creativity and expression alongside the structure and discipline that dance teaches students that draws Ayla to dance. Being not only a benefit for physical health and development, but it is also tremendous for mental and emotional health is something she places a strong focus on as a teacher. Ayla believes that dance is for everyone, it allows people to set, achieve and exceed their own expectations and helps them learn new things about themselves.


Ayla was drawn to GLM because of the close-knit community and the fun environment fostered by the value of recreational dance; believing there is something incredibly special about watching students learn and improve in a fun environment where they're not afraid to be themselves. She believes the students and teachers at GLM are incredible and is so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the family.

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