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Sian Evans Profile.jpeg


  • First Aid Certified 

  • RAD Ballet trained

  • 23+ years dance experience

  • Bachelor of Nursing

  • Postgraduate Midwifery 2024-

  • Verified WWCC


Meet Sian:

We are thrilled to welcome the bright and bubbly Sian to the GLM teaching team! Sian has been dancing nearly all her life, starting dance at 2 years old in the UK, before moving to Australia at 8. She was trained in a reputable, award winning Melbourne dance school, focusing on ballet and jazz, and moving her way from assistant teacher to teacher alongside progressing with her own dancing. Now in Sydney, Sian is a dedicated GLM dancer and we can’t wait for you all to meet her as she brings her passion and expertise to class covers in 2023. 


Outside of the Studio, Sian works full time as a registered nurse in a maternity unit, and enjoys walking and reading in her spare time. Sian loves dance because it is something for anyone at any age to enjoy, “Dance makes us feel that we are capable of anything whilst also being so much fun,” (plus it’s great exercise!). Sian was particularly drawn to GLM because of the family feeling between students and staff, and the encouragement we give each other. Welcome to the team, Sian! 

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