Mini Movers

Ages 4 - 5 years

A natural progression following Tiny Tots, Mini Movers aims to build on foundational movement and confidence whilst introducing age appropriate fundamentals of a range of dance styles. Young dancers will be exposed to the styles of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and more, and budding dancers are given their first opportunity to partake in the annual GLM Showcase. In our Mini Movers classes we work to encourage children to participate without their parents. Back to classes 


Class Time 2021

Saturday 10:00am - 10:45am

Term Dates 2021

  • Term 1 2021: Wednesday 27th January - Thursday 1st April

  • Term 2 2021: Monday 19th April - Saturday 26th June

  • Term 3 2021: Monday 12th July - Saturday 18th September

  • Term 4 2021: Tuesday 5th October - Saturday 11th December


Students may choose what they wear for this class, with most opting for a leotard or tutu. Pink ballet shoes are also suggested and will be needed for the end of year showcase.


Mini Movers classes are $12.50 per week + GST. Click here for more information on GLM fees. 


Do you have any questions about Mini Movers classes at GLM? Contact us here, we'd love to help.