Senior Ballet & Tap

These senior dance classes follow a more advanced syllabus of dance technique and cater to our more experienced dancers looking for ballet or tap lessons in our Hornsby dance studio. Back to classes


Ages 16+

Dance classes in Hornsby for teens and young adults.

Class Times 2021

Senior Ballet: Thursday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Senior Tap: Monday 5:45pm - 6:45pm

Term Dates 2021

  • Term 1 2021: Wednesday 27th January - Thursday 1st April

  • Term 2 2021: Monday 19th April - Saturday 26th June

  • Term 3 2021: Monday 12th July - Saturday 18th September

  • Term 4 2021: Tuesday 5th October - Saturday 11th December


Senior classes are $15.00 per week + GST. Click here for more information on GLM fees. 


Do you have any questions about Senior classes at GLM? Contact us here, we'd love to help.