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What classes do you offer?

GLM offers classes for all ages and experience levels. Styles offered include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and musical theatre. We also offer Tiny Tots (ages 2-4 years), open adult classes, and an Eisteddfod Troupe (competitive class). You can read more about our classes and styles here.

What ages do you have classes available for?

We offer classes for ages 2 years old through to adults. At GLM we believe that dance is for everybody regardless of age, experience or ability.

Do you offer trials?

Certainly! We are always thrilled to offer new students a FREE trial class when they are considering enrolling with GLM. Existing students are also always welcome to book a trial for a new style! Click here to book a free trial.

What should I expect at my first lesson?

After entering our cosy waiting room a friendly teacher will invite you through to your class with a welcoming smile. You will be introduced to the class and shown the Studio and bathroom. During the lesson, you will have the opportunity to try out the class and get to know your teacher and fellow dancers. We want to make you feel as welcome and excited about dance as possible! Your teacher will be sure to touch base with you or a carer in the days following your first lesson to discuss your experience and ensure the class is a good fit.

What is the cost of classes at GLM?

At GLM we believe dancing should be accessible. This is reflected in our fee structure through to our uniform and concert decisions. Class fees work out as follows: · 45 minute classes = $12.50 per week + GST · 1 hour classes = $15.00 per week + GST · 1.5 hour classes = $20.00 per week + GST Class fees are invoiced per term and there is a 10% discount for students taking 4+ classes. A $20 annual enrolment fee also applies. GLM Dance Studio proudly accepts Active and Creative Kids Vouchers towards class fees. Read more about GLM fees here.

What do I wear?

At a trial class, you do not need to wear our uniform. Simply attend in comfortable clothes that you can dance in. Your teacher will advise you directly with the appropriate uniform for your class when you choose to enrol, and more information about GLM uniform can be found here.

What do I need to bring to my lesson?

Just a bottle of water, your best dancer attitude and your smiling face!

Can parents/carers watch classes?

Parents, carers and any other non-participating persons are not usually permitted in the dance room. We want to ensure all dancers are able to focus and receive the best experience possible at all times. We do, however, have a comfortable waiting room directly adjacent to the dance room where parents and carers are welcome to wait. (Tiny Tots classes are an exception to this practice). Each year we hold an Open Week in Term 3 which offers an exciting opportunity for friends and family to see lessons in action!

Where is GLM located?

The Studio address is 6/65 Jersey Street Hornsby. Detailed directions and map can be found here.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is limited marked GLM parking outside our Studio.

How will I stay informed about what’s happening?

GLM Dance Studio will correspond regularly via email regarding all important dates, news and events throughout the year. Customer service is very important to us and we attend to emails from your customers with great promptness and make phone calls swiftly as required or requested. We also encourage our community to stay in touch via our Facebook and Instagram accounts where news and updates will also be posted on a regular basis. Contact us or request a call back at any time at:

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Missing classes happens! You are not required to inform GLM if a class will be missed, but by all means, reach out if there is something we should know about or can help with. Credits will only be considered for 3+ consecutive lessons missed, due to serious medical reasons (accompanied by a medical certificate) or extended overseas travel. All requests for credits must be made in writing and directed to management, accompanied by appropriate documentation. Read more about our fee policies here.

Do you offer casual classes?

No, GLM classes are not casual. Annual enrolment is completed and term to term invoices are issued.

What happens if I go on holidays or change my mind?

For extended periods of travel where 2 or more consecutive weeks will be missed, prior notice must be provided to GLM in writing. These lessons may be removed from your invoice prior to payment or issued this number of weeks in credit for the following Term if payment has already been made. A credit note may also be considered at the discretion of management for absence of 3+ weeks due to medical reasons if provided with a medical certificate. Refunds are not given under any circumstances. A credit note may be considered at the discretion of management for serious medical reasons only or extended overseas travel. Refunds will not be given for change of mind or circumstance. Read more about our fee policies here.

If I join mid-way through a term do I have to pay for the whole term?

No, your invoice will be pro-rata.

Do GLM Dancers perform?

All GLM Dancers participate in our annual showcase; an exciting afternoon concert in December each year where students can proudly perform the dance(s) they have been learning to all of their friends and family. This concert takes place in a hall local to the Hornsby area. GLM offers an Eisteddfod Troupe for those talented dancers keen on additional performance and competitive opportunities. Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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