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Dance classes in Hornsby

Are you drawn to dancing that celebrates expression, movement, emotion, fluidity and storytelling? If so, Contemporary is a style you will LOVE!


Any questions? We'd love to help! Contact our friendly team here.

Always a popular style at GLM, Contemporary is an innovative and expressive style of dance that combines elements of many dance genres including jazz, modern, lyrical and classical ballet. With improvisation and versatility, many of the rules that govern traditional dance styles are thrown out the window! What emerges is a creative exploration of the mind-body connection with freedom and fluidity of movement that evokes an emotional response. Contemporary is an accessible style, lending itself to the enjoyment of dancers who may have varying levels of training and technique, which we love! Our open format Contemporary classes at GLM welcome dancers of ALL experience levels as we build artistic foundation, develop technique and explore movement. Feeling inspired to explore the artistic dancer in you? Come along for a free trial! No experience required. We can’t wait to get expressive with you.


Junior Contemporary (9-12 years) 

Thursday 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Intermediate Contemporary (13-15 years) 

Monday 5:45pm - 6:45pm

Senior Contemporary (16+ years) 

Tuesday 7:45pm - 8:45pm

Contemporary classes at GLM cater to a range of experience levels. No dance experience is necessary - beginners welcome. 

Interested in Contemporary? We think you may also like Jazz, Lyrical or Ballet


Enrolment & Fees

Enrolment with GLM is annual - when you join a class, you are enrolling for the year. Mid-year and mid-term enrolments are welcome (tuition will be pro rata). Tuition is paid by the term, and a standard 10 week term for one class will be $185. See here for more information about fees at GLM. 

Term Dates: GLM classes follow the NSW public school terms, breaking for school holidays. As enrolment is for the year, you do not need to re-enrol each term. 

  • Term 1: Tuesday 30 January - Saturday 13 April (inclusive). 


See here for uniform requirements by style of dance. 


The high point of the dance year for many, GLM presents a Showcase each December - two fabulous evenings in which our entire student body get to show their progression and perform the dances they have been learning in their classes for their family, friends and loved ones. You will receive information about Showcase in your Welcome Booklet at the start of the year (or when you first enrol, if joining later), and more information is released over the year as Showcase nears. 


Do you have any questions about Contemporary classes at GLM? Contact us here, we'd love to help. 

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