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Eileen Grant Award

Launched in 2022, the Eileen Grant Award honours the legacy of the inspirational teacher and Studio owner. 

Celebrating passion in dance

In 2022 GLM was thrilled to launch a new award, honouring the legacy of the fabulous Eileen and inspiring dancers to strive for their best for years to come. Vivacious, passionate, dedicated and talented, Eileen Grant is an inspiration to all who were privileged to learn, teach and choreograph under her. 


The annual recipient of the Eileen Grant Award is a GLM student who embodies the values that were instilled in students by Eileen, including of course our three Co-Directors, Georgia, Louisa and Michelle. With a focus on our core Tap, Jazz and Ballet styles, the recipient will show versatility, commitment to progressing their technique and of course (most importantly), a passion for dance! ​​​​​​​​


GLM Dance Studio was opened in 2016 and became the next chapter for a long-established Hornsby Shire dance school, Eileen Phillips Dance Academy. As loyal dancers and teachers taught under Eileen, when her retirement was announced at the end of 2015, it became the priority of Georgia, Louisa and Michelle to ensure that the Academy’s reputation as a fun, family-friendly dance school was maintained for the Hornsby community. With the opening of GLM, it was the aim of the inspired GLM directors to carry forth Eileen’s legacy whilst giving the dance school a fresh transformation.

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It is our heart that this award both encourages the values and celebrates the legacy that is part of our Studio DNA.


Thank you for the dance love and passion, Eileen!


Somali McQuiggin, inaugural recipient (2022)


  • 2022: Somali McQuiggin

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"Behind every dancer who believes in themself is a teacher who believed in them first."

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