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Secure your 2024 classes

We can't wait to see you at the Studio! Enrolments are completed via our online Portal: just click the button below and follow the prompts. 

Classes start Tuesday 30 January 2024. 

All class times and information are available here on our website. 


Not sure what classes to enrol in? Please contact us with your query or to arrange a phone call, we'd love to help. 


Trial bookings: If you're new to GLM or are trying something new, you are always welcome to book a free trial before enrolling. Please note that enrolment requests are given priority over trial bookings at any time should classes reach capacity. In this instance, the last trial booking made will be contacted and moved to a wait list.

We're here to help: If you have a question, please contact us with your query or to arrange a phone call. 


When you enrol during

Priority Week*

Let's shimmy, tap, leap and pop into 2024!

How to enrol

Enrolments are completed via our Customer Portal and are valid for the calendar year (rolls over term to term). Your first term's tuition is charged at time of enrolment along with annual registration fee. An invoice will be sent for remaining terms prior to their start date. ​

Customer Portal Instructions

1. Open the Customer Portal and log in:  If you are returning to GLM, log in to your account (click 'forgot password' if you don't remember your credentials). If you are new to GLM, click to create an account and follow the prompts.  2. Open classes: Click 'Booking'.  3. Select student: Select the student you wish to enrol. Or scroll down to add a new student and follow the prompts. 4. Select class: Scroll through the class options and select the class in which you wish to enrol. Note: Classes will be filtered by age limitations when a student is selected. Toggle this and other filters at the top of the screen.  5. Add to cart: Click 'Enroll now!' then 'Add to cart'.  6. Checkout*: Click 'Complete Transaction' (may need to scroll down).  *Or add more classes: Click 'Add Enrollments'. Repeat steps 3-5 as needed, adding additional classes to your cart. Then complete step 6.

Active and Creative Kids Vouchers 

Are accepted at GLM Dance Studio. To use a voucher, please email us a copy with your child's full name and date of birth before enrolling. We will reply to confirm when your voucher has been processed and enrolment can be completed. Email GLM:

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 6.01.52 pm.png

Welcome Pack

GLM dancers are provided with a Welcome Pack each year. This handy booklet provides you with a summary of everything you need to know for the dance year ahead. Welcome Packs will be sent via email before the commencement of 2024 classes. 

I’m really enjoying reigniting my love of dance with the Saturday morning Adult Ballet class. Lots of fun!

— Kirsten, GLM Student.

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