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Dance classes in Hornsby

New to GLM in 2024! Lyrical places a strong focus on storytelling, connecting music and song lyrics to a dancer’s movements and expression. It is a style not dissimilar to Contemporary, both utilising techniques from ballet, jazz and more.

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Any questions? We'd love to help! Contact our friendly team here.

Lyrical can be recognised by often smooth and flowy movement, featuring specialised leaps and turns. Dancers learn to incorporate body language and facial expression to emote and connect with the audience. How does Lyrical differ from Contemporary? The styles do have similarities, drawing on techniques rooted in ballet, jazz and more. But there are important differences. While there is greater nuance to the distinguishing features of both styles, in simple terms, Lyrical will focus on connecting movement to song lyrics. Contemporary, in turn, will more so emphasise the movements in and of themselves, exploring boundaries, versatility and improvisation. Typically, Lyrical might look more “flowy” and fluid, and Contemporary sharper with hard-hitting movements. However, this is not always exactly the case, and both styles are beautiful to perform, allowing for plenty of self-expression and technical development. We are very excited to be introducing Lyrical to GLM for the first time in 2024! If you’ve previously danced with GLM, it may be helpful to understand that in the past our Contemporary classes have often included elements of Lyrical dance, with the style not being offered separately. You will notice the distinction as Lyrical is introduced to our Studio. Feeling inspired to explore the lyrical dancer in you? We would love to welcome you along for a free trial. No dance experience is necessary. See you in the Studio!


Junior Lyrical (9-15 years) 

Monday 3:45pm - 4:45pm

Junior Lyrical introduces the style to dancers turning 9-15 years old in 2024. No dance experience is necessary; beginners are welcome. 

If we don't have a Lyrical class for you right now, we think you may also like Contemporary, Jazz or Ballet


Enrolment & Fees

Enrolment with GLM is annual - when you join a class, you are enrolling for the year. Mid-year and mid-term enrolments are welcome (tuition will be pro rata). Tuition is paid by the term, and a standard 10 week term for one class will be $185. See here for more information about fees at GLM. 

Term Dates: GLM classes follow the NSW public school terms, breaking for school holidays. As enrolment is for the year, you do not need to re-enrol each term. 

  • Term 1: Tuesday 30 January - Saturday 13 April (inclusive). 


See here for uniform requirements by style of dance. 


The high point of the dance year for many, GLM presents a Showcase each December - two fabulous evenings in which our entire student body get to show their progression and perform the dances they have been learning in their classes for their family, friends and loved ones. You will receive information about Showcase in your Welcome Booklet at the start of the year (or when you first enrol, if joining later), and more information is released over the year as Showcase nears. 


Do you have any questions about Lyrical classes at GLM? Contact us here, we'd love to help. 

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