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  • 17+ years dance experience

  • GLM Assistant Teacher Program graduate

  • Teaching with GLM since 2018

  • Bachelor Art History 2020-

  • Previously Accredited Gymnastics Coach

  • Working With Children Check


Meet Myra:

Myra has been teaching at GLM since 2018 and currently teaches Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre classes. A life-long passionate dancer, she has been dancing since 4 years old, completing all BAL Jazz Grades, 8 years of Hip Hop, 5+ years of Musical Theatre, and currently enjoys Tap and Ballet as well. Myra was a keen participant in school dance programs and was part of the Schools Spectacular for several years. She also has experience as an accredited Gymnastics Coach and independently running dance workshops outside of GLM.


Outside of GLM, Myra studies Art History at Sydney University and is a keen musician. Aside from dance, painting is one of her favourite pastimes. 


Myra loves dance because of its creative inclusivity and social dynamics, especially in the GLM environment. Teaching at GLM rewards Myra with the opportunity to make meaningful connections with her students, guiding them as they discover their own love of dance and achie their goals.

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