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Reeves Scholarship

Awarded annually, the Reeves Scholarship is an exciting opportunity for a dedicated and promising GLM student to increase their training in a discipline of their choosing.

Developing Potential

Each year, the recipient of the Reeves Scholarship is awarded one year’s tuition for an additional class of their choosing. The Scholarship is donated by highly experienced dancer, choreographer and teacher, Sandra Reeves, who selects the recipient via a collaborative process with the GLM teachers and directors. Sandra brings a wealth of experience to the scholarship process, with 20 years choreographing Schools Spectacular, 28 years of choreographing Glenn Street Festivals, choreographing for the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and much more amongst a 30+ year career of dance teaching. 

GLM is incredibly grateful to Sandra for her support of the dance school; the dancers, teachers and classes that make up who we are. Her donation of this scholarship speaks to the great passion, pursuit and joy that is dance, the impact that it has had on her life, and the impact we work to enable it to have on so many more at GLM Dance Studio. 

"When I choose a child to give my scholarship to, it’s to someone that I know really has a passion for dance, just as I do, right deep down in my heart. Because dancing is what I love the most."

- Sandra Reeves, Scholarship donor

The talented Sandra was a dance teacher to both Georgia and Louisa in their schooling years, two of the three GLM directors. Instrumental in both their technique and passion, she has been a supporter from the very beginning and her endorsement and experience have been invaluable. 


Sandra with 2018 recipient, Keira, and 2019 recipient, Steph.

Sandra with 2020 recipient, Skye.


Sandra with 2021 recipient, Amelia.


  • 2021: Amelia Slater

  • 2020: Skye Norris

  • 2019: Stephanie Barnes

  • 2018: Keira Duncan

"GLM is a wonderful dance school. It is run by a bunch of fabulous ladies with wonderful families and commitment to community."

- Sandra Reeves, Scholarship Donor